Kumpulan Kata Kata Gombal buat PDKT Bahasa Inggris

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Lagi pdkt tapi masih bingung pakai kata kata gombal yang bagaimana ? tentunya pakai yang bahasa inggris agar kelihatan keren.

Kalian berkunjung ke tempat yang tepat apabila sedang mencari kata kata romantis buat gombalin dia agar bisa jadi pacar kalian.

Kenapa harus pakai kata kata rayuan romantis ? karena hampir semua wanita entah muda ataupun tua pasti senang dan bahagia mendengar kata kata romantis.

gambar kata kata gombal

Faktanya PDKT semakin sukses ketika sesekali kita menggunakan gombalan maut yang dapat meluluhkan hatinya dan membuatnya tersenyum bahagia ketika membacanya.

Kata Kata Gombalan Buat PDKT Bahasa Inggris

Berikut telah kami rangkum kata kata gombalan receh khusus buat kalian yang sedang PDKT dan ngebet ingin mendapatkan cintanya.

Stand In Front Of The Mirror Right Now, Then You Will See My Most Beautiful Flower

gambar kata kata gombalan

Many Of Them Say We Only Fell In Love Once, But The Fact I Always Fall In Love Every Time I See You

You Shine Brighter Than The Moon At Night, And Will Shine Brighter Than The Sun When The Sky Is Clear

gambar kata kata gombalan

There Are 3 Impossible Things That I Can’t Count, The Number Of Stars, The Number Of Fish And The Amount Of My Love For You

I Want To Be The Atmosphere When You Are The Earth, Because I Will Always Protect You From The Many Small Meteors That Bother You

gambar kata kata gombalan

I Write Your Name In The Sky Is Very Impossible, I Write Your Name At Sea Is Also Very Impossible, I Write Your Name In My Heart, It Is Possible To Grow My Love For You

I Beg You Not To Make Me Forget You, Because The Conditions Are Complicated, I Have To Go To The Village And Make A Certificate Of Being Unable

Your Love Is Like Salt In The Sea, I Cannot See It But It Is Felt To Be Felt

gambar kata kata gombalan

I Want Our Love Like Shoes, Always In Pairs, Need Each Other, No Betrayal, Always Together, Always Harmonious

Even On Holidays, I Never Take Off Day To Think About You

You Are Like The Earth’s Plates, Moving Just A Little Makes My Heart Flutter

gambar kata kata gombalan

The Body Needs Vitamins To Keep It Healthy, But I Need You So That I’m Not Crazy

See My Garden Full Of Flowers, See You My Heart Is Flowering

My Love For You Is Like The Sea, It Will Never Run Out Of Water

I Don’t Know Much In This World, But I Know That This Love Is Sincere For You

All Believe Roses Can Only Grow On The Ground, Even Though Roses Can Also Grow In The Heart

I Always Get Lost When Traveling, But I’ve Never Been Lost To Meet My Love

Since Knowing You I Have Trouble Breathing, Because Half Of My Breath Is Only For You

I’m Always Afraid Of Heights, But I’m More Afraid Of Losing You

Usually I See A Lot Of Things Around Me, But When Near You, Everything Feels Vague And Only You Are Seen So Clearly

When You Look Into Your Eyes, The Universe Is Centered, Feels Beautiful And Is Very Charming

Itulah sekumpulan kata kata gombalan buat pdkt dalam bahasa inggris yang membantu kalian dalam merayu dan mendapatkan cintanya.

Namun jangan terlalu sering menggunakan kata gombalan, gunakan juga puisi romantis agar gebetanmu tidak bosan denganmu.

Jangan selalu bersikap romantis, terkadang manusia juga membutuhkan lelucon, tak terkecuali wanita. Gunakan kata kata bijak lucu yang dapat membuatnya tertawa sekaligus menambah motivasinya.

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